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University "Giving Up" Autism Support Program

I wish I could say I am shocked... but I'm not. The announcement below is probably going to become the norm. Minnesota: leading the way in autism acceptance, I suppose. Special Supports to be Discontinued The University of Minnesota is terminating the Strategic Education for Asperger Students pilot program. The University of Minnesota is announcing this change in disability services effective June, 2008. This change will affect all students registered for services related to ADD/ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism, and PDD-NOS. With the SEAS pilot program ended, the University has decided that DS specialists should work with students only on academic accommodations (extended test time, notetaker, etc). Specialists can no longer work with students as they have with SEAS. I have been told the basic implications could include: The end of scheduled appointments (no longer meeting weekly or monthly) No special support for other issues like time management, so

AuSM Presentation

The raw text of my presentation for the Autism Society of Minnesota state convention, Surviving the College Years, is now online at: I am speaking tomorrow afternoon, but attending the conference for most of the day. My hope is to promote both The Autistic Place and my individual Web pages, within reason. I am hopeful that I can reach out to more students online than I ever could via public speaking — which is something I find stressful. My airline reservations are also set for the ASA convention, where I will be speaking July 11, I believe.