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Carolina Guiterrez on ADHD

When advocates discuss Neurodiversity, we include ADHD alongside autism, and many autistics also have ADHD diagnoses. As this audience knows, my daughters and I all have ADHD diagnoses. Our struggles differ, however, because ADHD takes many forms. On this episode of the podcast, I’m being joined by mental wellness advocate Carolina GutiĆ©rrez. Carolina describes her ADHD as a superpower. She’s harnessed her energy as a serial entrepreneur, health advocate, and counselor. Business Consulting: Podcast Appearances: As a serial entrepreneur that started her first business at 12, Carolina GutiĆ©rrez is a passionate Mental Wellness advocate. She guides business owners and seekers alike on the importance of intuition first, challenging you to think about work from the inside out. With her business & counseling skills, Carolina brings peace, time, and profits to business owners feeling overwhelmed. As an implementer, with her unique abilit