Matthew J. Brownstein on Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Growth

Matthew J. Brownstein is the CEO of Anahat Education Group and the Executive Director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.  Matthew founded the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, and where he teaches the Anahat Meditation System. He is the author of five books, including The Sacred Geometry of Meditation , The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment , and Interpersonal Hypnotherapy . Matthew is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and offers free classes on Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Growth, and Life Mastery Work through the Institute. He is the founder of the Interpersonal NLP Society, Silent Light Publishers, and IGE Business Networking Groups. When not working on the Vision of Anahat Education Group, Matthew enjoys hiking, kayaking, yoga, and meditation from his home in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. Monday Night Conscious Community Classes – Over 500 hours of free online class recordings on hypno

DJ Stutz, Parenting Coach and Podcast Host

DJ Stutz, is an Early Childhood Specialist with more than 20 years of teaching experience.  DJ has an immense love for children with five of her own, 12 grandchildren and 70 nieces and nephews. She understands the challenges and concerns that come with parenting. She offers parent coaching in group or one-on-one sessions to support parents in their most important job. On her podcast, Imperfect Heroes: Insights Into Parenting, DJ and her guests share knowledge and experience through thoughtful episodes whose subject matter is designed to help parents develop the confidence and peace to be a great parent and an imperfect hero raising independent, productive, and happy children.                         DJ’s parent company is Little Hearts Academy, where they have several free resources and access to group coaching and one-on-one coaching. The Autistic Me on Social Media Blog: Podcast: https://autisticme.libsy

Michaell Magrutsche: Art, Authenticity, and Neurodiversity

Michaell Magrutsche is truly a multimedia artist: a painter, photographer, music composer, digital artist, and author. A former Newport Beach, California, arts commissioner, Michaell promotes the value of public art. He is also the author of five books and a podcast producer. Michaell describes himself as an “outside the box” thinker. He often explores the paradox of why 95% of worldwide artists exist at the poverty level. Why are artists expected to be proud of being poor? Without creativity, including the arts, there would be no man-made systems. Without art, there would be no world as we know it. Michaell seeks to discover patterns within art that foster creative communication. He also identifies “art values” outside any system, which raises our human potential. #TheSmartofArt Essay: How Can Systems Make Us Sub-Human? The Rediscovering of Our Human Worth and Ou

Space Between Us

Surj is an autistic self-advocate, musician, and member of the band Space Between Us. Space Between Us is a London band of four friends Surj (lead vocals and guitar), Matthew (lead guitar), Suneel (bass) & Joff (drums). To date they have released three albums and have just released their new album ‘ how are you really ’ This album is a collection of songs about a journey — exploring the challenges, heartache, and joys of coming to terms with who we all actually are. ‘ how are you really ’ aims to ask ourselves and others to see the reality of where we are and rejoice in the good as well as the bad, there’s an exciting, uncharted world of possibility out there — let’s choose to be in now. The Autistic Me on Social Media Blog: Podcast: Facebook: https://www.facebook.c

Kathy Carter

Kathy Carter is a UK-based online therapist serving a predominantly autistic client case. She trained with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, a leading training provider specializing in cognitive-behavioral theory and practice. Kathy is registered in the UK with the General Hypnotherapy Register, the National Hypnotherapy Council and the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council. She’s also the neurodiversity advisor for the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy’s editorial board. ​Kathy also works with the Irish organizations “Thriving Autistic” and “The Adult Autism Practice,” offering support to newly diagnosed autistics. Additionally, she works as a school counselor at a junior school, where many of the ten and eleven-year-old children she works with are Neurodiverse. For more information:   The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast: Facebook:  https://

Carolina Guiterrez on ADHD

When advocates discuss Neurodiversity, we include ADHD alongside autism, and many autistics also have ADHD diagnoses. As this audience knows, my daughters and I all have ADHD diagnoses. Our struggles differ, however, because ADHD takes many forms. On this episode of the podcast, I’m being joined by mental wellness advocate Carolina GutiĆ©rrez. Carolina describes her ADHD as a superpower. She’s harnessed her energy as a serial entrepreneur, health advocate, and counselor. Business Consulting: Podcast Appearances: As a serial entrepreneur that started her first business at 12, Carolina GutiĆ©rrez is a passionate Mental Wellness advocate. She guides business owners and seekers alike on the importance of intuition first, challenging you to think about work from the inside out. With her business & counseling skills, Carolina brings peace, time, and profits to business owners feeling overwhelmed. As an implementer, with her unique abilit

Back to School, Back to Special Ed Advocacy

The back-to-school season is upon us. For our family, that means preparing paperwork for IEPs or 504 Plans. Yes, it’s time again for the alphabet soup of special education jargon. Your student with an ASD, ADHD, SLD, or ID might need an IEP with a BIP to ensure an LRE for the FAPE within a public school. Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t understand all of that. How bad is the alphabet soup? A guide for parents provided by the Texas Education Agency, also known as the TEA, lists more than 120 acronyms used in special education. An appropriate response, when presented with this list, is W-T-F. When you’re the parent of a Neurodiverse student, your perspective on education is shaped by how difficult obtaining the legally mandated supports might be. The Autistic Me on Social Media Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: