Jennifer Jordan of Unabridged Press

Unabridged Press is changing media for good (double meaning intended), expanding and elevating digital media, first, and primarily by creating high-quality audio podcasts about topics, people, and places previously underrepresented. A respect for the environment, investors, work partners, and society will be woven into the company’s work, our purchasing, and beyond. The organization is a for-profit LLC formed with public benefit principles in March 2015. Unabridged Press projects are fiscally sponsored by the nonprofit New Sun Rising. We welcome your support through their website. By clicking here, you’ll be redirected to their secure site. Larger sponsorships or donations are also welcome. To request a sponsorship package information packet, please contact Jennifer Szweda Jordan at 412-200-2017 or jennifer@unabridgedpress.comJennifer Szweda Jordan (Twitter: @Jeniferpossible) has worked previously editing and writing for The Associated Press, radio freelancing for NPR, hosting and ed…

Scott on Education

I am not a success. I am not an academic inspiration story.I could write a book about my experiences as a student and educator. I’ve started just such a project several times, and each time I’ve decided it isn’t helpful since it is one failure after another. There’s a lot more to say than what follows, but it’s enough to remind people that education is no better than any other path for an autistic individual.I’d argue education is difficult for any disabled person. Higher education is particularly uninviting and unsupportive.The assumption is that because I have completed various degree programs, I must have mastered how to succeed in higher education. The reality is more complex. Yes, I do have two terminal degrees, a doctorate and a master of fine arts, but the journey towards those degrees was fraught with academic and social failures.If you have questions or thoughts, visit the blog or join our community on Facebook.…

Daniel Sansing on Theory and Teaching

Daniel Sansing discusses his interest in writing and communication theories. Sansing studies academic composition and teaching composition courses. The myth that autistics are only concrete thinkers dismisses the uniqueness of individuals. Yes, some of us are concrete thinkers... and we can still study theories, too. I study rhetoric and writing, but not first-year college composition, which is a course designed to help students transition into higher education. 
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The Most Popular Topics

Three topics generate the most traffic to The Autistic Me: Relationships, Education, and Employment. I'm not really an expert in any of these areas, but people seem to assume I know something. If you have questions or suggestions, be sure to visit the blog page, Facebook, or Twitter.
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Daniel Sansing on Autism Disclosures

Daniel Sansing discusses the complications of disclosing an autism diagnosis. When do we tell friends, family, schools, and employers? What are the risks and benefits of disclosing we are autistic? 
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Heather Conroy of Evolve Coaching

Heather Conroy, the co-founder of Evolve Coaching, discusses coaching autistic individuals as they develop life and employment skills. Visit Evolve on the web at
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Missing Obvious Health Signs

Do autistics have more health problems and injuries? I believe so, based on my experiences. It is difficult for me to notice warning signs that might alert neurotypical individuals. With sensory overload, new inputs are ignored or unnoticed because we process so much input. When we don't "hear" what our bodies are trying to express, we end up with medical emergencies. 
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