Learning about Teaching

I’ve learned a lot about teaching over the last 30 years. Like everyone else, I’ve been learning about teaching since my first day as a student. Unfortunately, the lessons suggest that education is broken, and so is the profession of teaching. Or, as a colleague once told me, “We don’t need no stinking autistics.” Check out this episode!

Follow Directions

Order matters to me, and it matters to many autistics. We like things done a certain way, especially if there are rules or guidelines provided. Directions offer rules, or at least some guidelines. Ignoring directions feels wrong to me. Check out this episode!

Surviving 2020

This podcast is scheduled for Election Day in the United States, November 3, 2020. Though I have some interesting episodes with guests recorded, I decided this was not the week for episodes on education or general health topics. Instead, the election of 2020 is a reminder that this has been a challenging year around the globe. Sometimes, it’s good to step back, take a deep breath, and realize that surviving difficult times is an accomplishment. Check out this episode!

Home for the Holidays

Halloween will be spent at home with our daughters. Thanksgiving, too. And Christmas. The holidays join birthdays and anniversaries as events we spend at home. Every year I post to The Autistic Me blog some thoughts on the holidays. I’ve also recorded a couple of podcasts about surviving the chaos of holidays. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this winter holiday season isn’t like what I’ve blogged or spoken about in past years. Check out this episode!

No Snow, No Gloom

We’ve lived in four states. Now, in Central Texas, we’re home. Central California was the fire and brimstone Hell. Minneapolis was the frozen Nordic Hell. Pittsburgh? The drivers are from Hell. Here outside Austin, we’re enjoying good weather… and not driving. Blog:   Facebook:   Twitter:   YouTube:   Podcast:     Check out this episode!

Being Daddy Scott

The Autistic Me existed before I became Daddy Scott. Parenthood isn’t easy for anyone. Being foster parents and adoptive parents includes some extra challenges. In this podcast episode, I reflect on our five years as a family. Blog:   Facebook:   Twitter:   YouTube:   Podcast:   Check out this episode!

Impatient with Ignorance

On the first day of class, I usually tell my students I’m not an expert on most topics. When I don’t know something, I admit it. And then, I obsessively try to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I cannot comprehend not seeking out more information on almost any topic. I’ve looked up some pretty odd things because my ignorance upset me. Autistics sometimes forget that we immerse ourselves in our fascinations. Though I don’t assume everyone shares my interests, I forget that most people aren’t interested in my favorite topics. Blog:   Facebook:   Twitter:   YouTube:   Podcast:     Check out this episode!