Back to School, Back to Special Ed Advocacy

The back-to-school season is upon us. For our family, that means preparing paperwork for IEPs or 504 Plans. Yes, it’s time again for the alphabet soup of special education jargon. Your student with an ASD, ADHD, SLD, or ID might need an IEP with a BIP to ensure an LRE for the FAPE within a public school. Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t understand all of that. How bad is the alphabet soup? A guide for parents provided by the Texas Education Agency, also known as the TEA, lists more than 120 acronyms used in special education. An appropriate response, when presented with this list, is W-T-F. When you’re the parent of a Neurodiverse student, your perspective on education is shaped by how difficult obtaining the legally mandated supports might be. The Autistic Me on Social Media Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

Season Six Promo: Rebranding The Autistic Me Podcast

Perspectives on Neurodiversity vary based on our experiences. I am a father, a husband, and an autistic self-advocate. My understanding of Neurodiversity has changed as I keep learning from the experiences that come with those roles. I am Christopher Scott Wyatt, creator of The Autistic Me blog, and for the last five years, I have hosted this podcast. As I began working on season six of the podcast, I realized it needed a new name. What began as an effort to share my autistic experiences became a podcast about Neurodiversity more broadly. This podcast features discussions about the countless Perspectives on Neurodiversity, with The Autistic Me, C. S. Wyatt, as your host. The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Note: Podcast cover l

Why I Need a Yard: Roses, Trees, and More

I recharge outside. My wife can attest that I buy too many plants and dream of even more. My dream is a personal park with various garden themes: an English rose garden, a Japanese garden with a koi pond, a colorful cottage garden. Podcast Episode 0089, Season 5, Episode 20; 28 June 2022 Check out this episode!

Dawn Barclay, Author of Traveling Different

Joining us for this episode is travel expert Dawn M. Barclay, author of Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible, and the Neurodiverse. Dawn M. Barclay has spent a career working in different aspects of the travel industry, starting as an agent with her parents’ firms, Barclay Travel Ltd and Barclay International Group Short-Term Apartment Rentals, and then branching out into travel trade reporting with senior or contributing editor positions at Travel Agent Magazine, Travel Life,Travel Market Report, and most recently, Insider Travel Report. She is a mother of two and resides in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. She also writes fiction as D.M. Barr and holds leadership roles in several writer organizations. Contributing Editor InsiderTravelReport:

George Bailey on Sleep and zPods

George Bailey is a father of five children, two of whom are autistic. He and his wife are also Neurodiverse; George has ADHD and his wife is a self-diagnosed autistic. He earned a Juris Doctor from Washington University in St. Louis, a master of arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and a bachelor’s degree in Chinese from Brigham Young University. George is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, German, and Danish. I was curious about his title “President Sleep Talker” of zPods. In that role, he promotes the importance of sleep and discusses the potential benefits of zPods, sensory-friendly beds for high-energy children, including those with autism. George mentions several books during the conversation. Here are some of the titles he considers valuable resources: Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker [] The Sleep Solution, by W. Chris Winter [] Sleep Smarter, by Shawn Stevenson [] George and I avoid

My 2022 Autism Awareness Episode

Some autistic adults I know take a month-long break social media during April. April is a month of inspiration porn and martyr mothers, autism cures and absurd ABA success anecdotes. Others take the opposite approach, making it their mission to respond to every article, blog post, tweet, or discussion about autism they can find. They set Google alerts and track autism hashtags. Those avoiding April and those attacking it are all responding to the trauma of how the world around us responds to autistics. Check out this episode!

Hey Gee, Illustrator of My Life Beyond Autism

Children’s voices are rarely heard when discussing healthcare experiences. Mayo Clinic Press has brought together Mayo Clinic physicians, young patients, and author-illustrator Hey Gee to collaborate on the new "My Life Beyond" series. Titles in this new series include: My Life Beyond Diabetes My Life Beyond Leukemia My Life Beyond Bullying; and My Life Beyond Autism. My Life Beyond Autism  draws from the imagination and experiences of 13-year-old C. Ano, a Mayo Clinic patient.  Hey Gee aka Guillaume (Gee) Federighi, is an award-winning French / American artist and illustrator based in New York. His is the owner and creative director of Hey Gee Studio. His long list of clients includes Perrier, Heineken, BP, Keller Williams, City & State Magazine. Book Page: Hey Gee’s Author Page: Hey Gee Studios: https