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Driving as The Autistic Me

Driving requires a lot of cognitive focus, which isn't easy with constant sensory input. Autism complicates what some people take for granted. In the United States, driving can be nearly essential for education, work, and medical care. Check out this episode!

A Need for Order and Routines

My theory is that a need for order and predictability corresponds to a desire to reduce cognitive overhead. I seek to control my workspace, my spaces at home, and my belongings. I don't seek to organize spaces that are not mine, unlike some of the OCD individuals I know. Your space can be messy - but not mine. You can use whatever pencil you want - I'll use my favorite brand.     Check out this episode!


My wife and I are like other parents: unsure of ourselves and doing our best to be good role models. If there is something different about being an autistic parent, I'm not sure what that might be.  Note: Forgive the quality. Recorded in an empty room in our new house with horrible echoing.  Check out this episode!