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Relationships are Work

Daniel Sansing and C. S. Wyatt discuss dating, marriage, and the work required to maintain relationships for an autistic individual. Relationships challenge everyone, but autism increases those difficulties. Daniel has been married for 16 years and has a Neurodiverse family.    Check out this episode!

Unemployment and Autism

I’m Christopher Scott Wyatt. I’m autistic and I’m unemployed. Only 14 percent of autistic adults are employed in their communities. A third of autistic adults are considered college and career capable, but less than half of that group are employed full or part-time. Check out this episode!

Bricolage and The Forest of Everywhere

Bricolage Production Company presents The Forest of Everywhere May 17 - June 3, 2018 An enchanted open-world adventure where kids can be themselves! Dig for bugs, play magical instruments, and help our furry animal friends explore the forest. A colossal storm has rearranged the entire globe, causing whole cities to change locations! Swept up from all across the world, our furry and feathered animal friends have found refuge in a beautiful Enchanted Forest. Help Don Key the dancing burro, Esther the singing ostrich, and Simon the napping alpaca adjust to their new home as you dig for bugs, play instruments, and make your mark in the chalk cave. This fully accessible experience takes your kids out of their seats and into a real-life adventure. They’ll explore an open-world environment, have one-on-one interactions, and play without the restrictions and rules of traditional theater. Sitting is not a requirement. Being quiet for long periods of time is not a requirement. The Forest o

Pilot and Introduction

Introducing The Autistic Me Podcast and host Christopher Scott Wyatt. The transcripts of all episodes are available on The Autistic Me blog.   Check out this episode!

IEP and 504 Plan Strategies Part 2

Lu Randall of the Autism Connection of Pennsylvania discusses how to approach your child's school to seek an IEP or 504 Plan. Check out this episode!