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My 2022 Autism Awareness Episode

Some autistic adults I know take a month-long break social media during April. April is a month of inspiration porn and martyr mothers, autism cures and absurd ABA success anecdotes. Others take the opposite approach, making it their mission to respond to every article, blog post, tweet, or discussion about autism they can find. They set Google alerts and track autism hashtags. Those avoiding April and those attacking it are all responding to the trauma of how the world around us responds to autistics. Check out this episode!

Hey Gee, Illustrator of My Life Beyond Autism

Children’s voices are rarely heard when discussing healthcare experiences. Mayo Clinic Press has brought together Mayo Clinic physicians, young patients, and author-illustrator Hey Gee to collaborate on the new "My Life Beyond" series. Titles in this new series include: My Life Beyond Diabetes My Life Beyond Leukemia My Life Beyond Bullying; and My Life Beyond Autism. My Life Beyond Autism  draws from the imagination and experiences of 13-year-old C. Ano, a Mayo Clinic patient.  Hey Gee aka Guillaume (Gee) Federighi, is an award-winning French / American artist and illustrator based in New York. His is the owner and creative director of Hey Gee Studio. His long list of clients includes Perrier, Heineken, BP, Keller Williams, City & State Magazine. Book Page: Hey Gee’s Author Page: Hey Gee Studios: https

Kim Bass and Major Dodson Discuss the Film Tyson's Run

Since 2010, there have been at least three dozen significant autistic characters in feature films and four dozen autistic characters in literary fiction. And, of course, we’ve also seen more autistics on series television. “The Good Doctor,” “Atypical,” and Amazon’s new series “As We See It” are just three quick examples of series with autistic lead characters. Today we will be discussing the new feature film Tyson’s Run with writer-director Kim Bass and the film’s star, Major Dodson. Tyson’s Run follows fifteen-year-old autistic Tyson Hollerman as he attends public school for the first time. While helping his father, the school’s head football coach, clean up during the team’s practice, Tyson befriends champion marathon runner Aklilu. Tyson becomes determined to run his first marathon in hopes of winning his father's approval. Tyson’s Run will open in theatres on March 11, 2022. Tyson’s Run website:   Major Dodson - Tyson Hollerman MAJOR DODSON is be

Gabi and Mary Angelini of Gabi’s Grounds

Gabi and Mary Angelini of Gabi’s Grounds join The Autistic Me for this episode of The Autistic Me. Gabi discusses her quest for fulfilling employment, being bullied, and much more. From Gabi and Mary: Gabi is a 24-year-old active, motivated adult with Down Syndrome. When she wanted to find a job, she searched and applied for many positions but could not get hired. She has big dreams and wants to be a productive member of society as well as to be active in the workplace. There are many others like her, with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently, 82.5% of IDD individuals of all ages are unemployed. We launched Gabi’s Grounds Coffee in 2017 to give her and others the opportunity to be productive, responsible employees. We are not just telling people they should hire people with disabilities; we are doing it! We are leading by example. We have just secured warehouse space in Raleigh and hired 34 people with special abilities and we are searching for a suitable locatio

Samuel Levine Asks, "Was Yosef on the Spectrum?"

Samuel Levine is a Professor of Law and Director of the Jewish Law Institute at Touro Law Center, which is part of the Touro College and University System. His work Was Yosef on the Spectrum? Understanding Joseph Through Torah, Midrash, and Classical Jewish Sources offers a unique examination of the life of Joseph (Yosef). Yosef's behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and personal development are often difficult to understand, and at times seem to defy explanation. This book offers a coherent and cohesive reading of the well-known Bible story, presenting a portrait of Yosef as an individual on the autism spectrum. Viewed through this lens, Yosef emerges as a more familiar and less enigmatic individual, exhibiting both strengths and weaknesses commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder. Professor Levine: Amazon Author Page: Faculty Page: SSRN Author Page:  https://ssrn.c

Parenting on Pandemic Time

The end of 2021 proved difficult, and 2022 isn’t off to a good start. Parental responsibilities once again derailed blogging and podcasting efforts. Pandemic parenting compounds the challenges of supporting our daughters. Despite our exhaustion, we have to keep the girls on track. This is yet another podcast episode reflecting on the challenges of these unusual times. Let us hope 2022 eventually transitions to normalcy. The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn:   Check out this episode!

Author Tracee Garner

Podcast Episode 0080, Season 5, Episode 11; 04 January 2022 Tracee Garner, author of Disability: An Anecdotal Field Guide for the Rest of Us Tracee Garner is a case manager for a nonprofit, a prolific novelist, and a writing coach. She’s also a passionate self-advocate for the disabled. Tracee was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of two. While in elementary school, Tracee received her first wheelchair. In January 2022, her new book Disability: An Anecdotal Field Guide for the Rest of Us will be released. The book explores issues of physical and mental health alongside the challenges of employment, transportation, and working with care providers. Disability: An Anecdotal Field Guide for the Rest of Us : Whatever May Come: A Jameson Family Novel : Tracee’s website: The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast: Facebook:  https://www.