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Life on Edge

Stop with the “Spoon Theory” metaphor. Allow me to choose my own metaphor for my lived experiences as an autistic with other disabilities. In this episode of The Autistic Me, I explain why cycling reminds me of life in general. Sharing the road with other people contributes to every cyclist’s anxiety. You never know what the cars and trucks around you might do. Too often, I feel like a cyclist surrounded by SUVs that are driven by people talking on their cellphones while reaching for cups of coffee. The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Check out this episode!

Autistic Me: Season Five Promo

My name is Christopher Scott Wyatt and since 2007 I have been blogging as The Autistic Me. I launched this podcast during the 2017-18 school year. I assume you’re listening to this trailer because you’re interested in autism. I certainly cannot imagine another reason you stumbled into a podcast named The Autistic Me. Since I’m not known for my bright and cheery self-promotional nature, I’ll stick to what I do best: blunt honesty. Maybe you’ll still subscribe to the podcast. This podcast has rarely managed a weekly or biweekly schedule. This podcast and the blog are things I try to do around my other responsibilities. I do my best to release episodes twice a month or more, but I often fail to hit that goal. What could be more important than dreaming of podcast or YouTube stardom? Don’t I want to monetize my social media presence? Doesn’t everyone with a podcast want to become a social media influencer? I am parent, working from home and doing my best to homeschool two young Neurodi