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Sam Mitchell, Podcaster and Advocate

One of the ways bloggers and podcasters build their audiences is through hosting other content creators. We're all in this together, sharing our stories and promoting a sense of community. This episode of The Autistic Me Podcast features Sam Mitchell, host of Autism Rocks and Rolls. Sam's website is . Sam's mother, Gina Mitchell, helps with the marketing and networking side of Autism Rocks and Rolls. Gina also teaches eighth grade, with a degree in English and social studies education. She earned a master’s degree in education, specializing in gifted and talented education (GATE). You can learn more about Gina on the Autism Rocks and Rolls website. Podcast Episode 0074, Season 5, Episode 5; 26 October 2021 The Autistic Me on Social Media Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

The Girls on Homeschooling

How do Neurodiverse kiddos feel about homeschooling and virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic? For this episode, my daughters Leigh and Anne discuss what it has been like to study at home. They like it, but they also miss being around other children. They get to play with Leigh's cat companion, Rocky. We take nature walks. It's not all bad, studying with Dad.  The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn:   Check out this episode!

Dr. Jerry Turner on IEPs

Susan and I obtained a third-party neuropsychological evaluation for our oldest daughter, Leigh, to ensure she receives the public education supports mandated by federal law. Many parents don’t realize you can obtain and submit an independent evaluation to a school district. What are the benefits of an independent special education evaluation? Should your family consider requesting a “second opinion” if you’re unsatisfied with a school-provided evaluation? Dr. Jerry Turner, the president of IEP, Inc., is a Licensed Educational Psychologist (#2966), Consulting Psychologist (APA), former Special Education Director and lead school psychologist. He’s also an author, private pilot, Marine combat veteran, and adjunct college professor. He has been a middle and high school teacher and guidance counselor. Dr. Jerry Turner Dr. Jerry Turner's website: My Child Learns Differently: The Parent's Guide to Special Education Special Education Guide: for Tea

A Spectrum of Food Challenges

A follower wrote: Do your children eat anything other than chicken nuggets? My child won’t eat fruits, vegetables, or most meats. It’s cereal, chips, and nuggets. Susan and I are fortunate. The girls and I eat mostly healthy foods. Fruits, vegetables, roasted chicken, turkey, and most fish aren’t a problem. It might be because we’ve never been a fast-food family. We prepare most meals at home. Fruits are the go-to snack. Salads are common. That doesn’t mean there are no food challenges in our home, though. For this episode, I’ve invited the girls to chat with me about their food preferences. The Autistic Me: Blog: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn:   Check out this episode!