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Pondering the Pandemic

The pandemic has taught me that I would like to continue teaching online or working remotely, homeschooling our daughters, and limiting errands to the essentials. I'm sorry this has hurt so many businesses. I do empathize with the economic suffering of others. But, I don't imagine we'll be rushing to get out and about in a year or two. The Autistic Me is quite comfortable at home with my family and our large collection of books. Thank you for listening to The Autistic Me Podcast. I am Christopher Scott Wyatt. Remember that we are on Facebook. My wife and I monitor The Autistic Me on Facebook, @AutisticMe on Twitter, and, of course, we have The Autistic Me blog, which is easy to find using Google or Bing. Blog:   Facebook:   Twitter:   YouTube:   Podcast:    Check out this episode!