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Social Challenges at School

The "unwritten curriculum" of social interactions penalizes autistic students and others with differences in the classroom setting. Teachers are trained to foster active and engaged communities, valuing peer interactions and class participation. The emphasis on social skills draws attention to the defining characteristic of autism: social communication deficits.  Lu Randall of the Autism Connection of PA joins us again to discuss these challenges faced by autistics and how training helps teachers, parents, and peers appreciate autistic differences.  Check out this episode!

Neurodiverse Family Life

Daniel Sansing is a husband, father, and college instructor. He has also worked as a reporter. Daniel is also autistic, and in this episode, he offers insights from his experiences with other diagnoses and finally obtaining the autism diagnosis.  Daniel's children and his wife are neurodiverse.  Media accounts overlook neurodiverse parents, members of the autistic community I hope to highlight. For transcripts, visit The Autistic Me blog .   Check out this episode!

The Autism Connection of PA

An interview with Lu Randall, Executive Director of the Autism Connection of Pennsylvania. Learn why connecting services are needed in the autism community and what services the Autism Connection provides. Visit for more information on the organization. Check out this episode!

Life vs Plans

The planned episode for this week wasn't ready on time. Why? Because I badly estimated the time required for post-production and transcription. At least I admit my challenges with time and planning in this episode and will release the planned episode this week. Consider this an unplanned bonus look at my life.   Check out this episode!