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Showing posts from June, 2009

Movie Night

Movies are a challenge for me. I can't even recall the last movie I saw before tonight. It was something in California -- either an X-Men movie or Star Wars, Episode I. (Neither would be my choice. I like cartoons and romantic comedies, usually.) But, I am in Davis, CA, alone, and wanted to do something tonight. Even though it was $11.50 (plus $4 for snacks), I decided to try Up! There is a lot to be said for going to a movie in a college town, in the theatre closest to campus. No children. No cell phones. Actually... almost no people on a Friday night showing in June. It was great. The movie was touching, emotional... and nothing like watching on a television. Because of the price, I doubt I would do this often. But, I'm glad I did. I had forgotten how huge the screens are. Anyway, it turns out that I can go to a movie -- when almost no one else is in the theater. Wish one person had been with me. The start of Up! would have been nice to share in a theater with her.

Angry Activism - Not Me...

I appreciate the power of passion -- but I also recognize its limits. I can seem passionate about a few things, but the general reality is that being "excited" and "enthusiastic" is not the same as being passionate. I'm interested in the language arts, visual design, and technology. But, my passion is not the passion of a missionary out to change the world. I might be opinionated, but that's not uncommon among artists. Reading blogs and columns by "autism advocates" sometimes leaves me uneasy. Their passion is angry, an unsettling bitterness pervades some of the writing. Even when I agree with a general claim or viewpoint, I find myself wishing the arguments were made in a more moderate tone. Maybe it is because I think everyone faces some challenges. I don't see any obstacles I face as particularly horrible. Insensitive, rude people bother me, but that's life. Because I realize there are costs to accommodation, treatments, and e