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Autistic Me to Share More on Autism

Misunderstandings about autistic traits have led to challenges most of my life. I blamed myself for the prejudices of others. I embraced and internalized ableism, disliking myself for being me. Enough. Five decades of feeling like I’m inferior? This must stop. I’m far from alone, as other autistics bring their energy to this cause. I hope to feature those voices on The Autistic Me platforms. The Autistic Me: Blog:   Podcast:   Facebook:   Twitter:   YouTube:   LinkedIn:     Check out this episode!

Autistic, Anxious, and Introverted

The  Autistic Me struggles with friendships. Autism exists on a spectrum and so does introversion. I cannot separate my autism from my introversion. I am content sitting and writing alone. The Autistic Me projects connect me with many other people. I do appreciate that. Blog:   Facebook:   Twitter:   YouTube:   Podcast:   Check out this episode!