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My 2022 Autism Awareness Episode

Some autistic adults I know take a month-long break social media during April. April is a month of inspiration porn and martyr mothers, autism cures and absurd ABA success anecdotes. Others take the opposite approach, making it their mission to respond to every article, blog post, tweet, or discussion about autism they can find. They set Google alerts and track autism hashtags. Those avoiding April and those attacking it are all responding to the trauma of how the world around us responds to autistics. Check out this episode!

Hey Gee, Illustrator of My Life Beyond Autism

Children’s voices are rarely heard when discussing healthcare experiences. Mayo Clinic Press has brought together Mayo Clinic physicians, young patients, and author-illustrator Hey Gee to collaborate on the new "My Life Beyond" series. Titles in this new series include: My Life Beyond Diabetes My Life Beyond Leukemia My Life Beyond Bullying; and My Life Beyond Autism. My Life Beyond Autism  draws from the imagination and experiences of 13-year-old C. Ano, a Mayo Clinic patient.  Hey Gee aka Guillaume (Gee) Federighi, is an award-winning French / American artist and illustrator based in New York. His is the owner and creative director of Hey Gee Studio. His long list of clients includes Perrier, Heineken, BP, Keller Williams, City & State Magazine. Book Page: Hey Gee’s Author Page: Hey Gee Studios: https