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I AM Aware of Awareness Month

"You didn't blog on Autism Awareness day?" No, I did not. I did not post about the pros or the cons or the whatevers of autism awareness. This is my annual call to focus on things other than autism when it comes to autistics and their lives. I am many, many things before I am my autistic traits. I'd like to be judged on those things. I believe many autistics feel the same way but are too busy being whatever they are to post about it. My wife, my family, my cats… all come before "autism" in my life. That's true for most people. So does my writing, my teaching, and my other works. The point of "The Autistic Me" is to point out that it is but a part of any person. Not all of that person. Not the majority of that person. And so, I'll keep this short and let you go back if you want to read my older posts. Right now, I need to be working on my professorial duties. They don't relate to autism at all.

Less Traffic, But Still Popular

The Autistic Me was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 50 Autism Blogs Blogs on the web.    Thank you...