Is This Me?

When I was diagnosed as autistic in 2006, I was 37 years old. I'm still struggling to make sense of the diagnosis, wondering what it explains and what it does not explain. More importantly, I am wondering if I can believe the diagnosis or if it is like so many others I have heard from doctors and specialists; it is a placeholder waiting to be replaced with the next trendy possibility.

This blog might not receive many updates or it might be a place where I work out my thoughts. Actually, even starting this blog seems too open in some ways, but necessary in others. I want to see if anyone cares what I have to say on the subject while realizing the odds of being located on Blogger are slim and none. The "signal to noise" ratio here is much to high to know if I will reach one other person.

For now, I'm only planning to post my own thoughts. I do not need to link to every organization, reprint every news story, or spread rumors posing as science. What I want to do is explain how I experience the world. I hate when professionals tell me I'm only experiencing life in a "different" way. It's not merely different; my life is physically painful, emotionally isolating, and intellectually annoying. Forget calling it "different" when that's not descriptive enough.

As a current project, I am assembling my entire life into a manuscript. Other people seem to be having mild success doing so, and I think parents might as well know what their children will experience. It is essential that parents and educators at least know what some of us experience on a daily basis. Even a dozen autobiographical works can only hint at the frustrations of people "on the spectrum" trying to adapt to a society that is incomprehensible.

At least my notes and thoughts will be easy to access online. Maybe that's reason enough to use Blogger....


  1. Hi, you're not alone - The same scenario here...
    I'm going to read your blog from the very beginning...
    So, I'll be back


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