Freezing Weather

This coming weekend is supposed to remain below 0F, with some areas of Minnesota experiencing a windchill of -50F or worse. Sponsors have cancelled a major skiing competition due to safety concerns. It was deemed too cold for ice sculptors to work on the famous Winter Carnival attractions in St. Paul. It's cold... even for Minnesota.

Cold is painful. Very painful. Even indoors, my joints ache. My skin itches and burns from the low humidity. Outside, I have to wear gloves and hats, which I hate — as readers already know.

I've tried lotions, but they bother me. It's a sensation I dislike intensely, the slick oily nature of lotions. When I don't use the lotions, I end up with bleeding around my fingertips, the skin splitting along the ridges of my fingerprints. I can't explain why, but I hate lotion so much that bleeding is almost better.

Spring cannot come soon enough.

When I read about SAD, I don't quite get the "sunlight" issue. I don't care about sunlight. I work at night, usually. Winter only bothers me because it is too cold here. I hate extreme cold more than I hate extreme heat. I never imagined that was possible, but it is. I'd trade 0F for 90F or even 100F anytime. I know, since I come from a place where 110F is common in the summer.

I hated the heat. I couldn't wait to leave it behind. Now, I realize the mild annoyances of heat don't compare to severe winters.

If you hate clothing, winters aren't for you. Even the nicest sweaters can itch when you have dry skin. Layering is a hassle. Clothes on, clothes off... on... off. It drives me nuts to be fussing with gloves, jackets, and sweaters. I struggle with sleeves as it is. Struggling several times a day is just ludicrous.

Two years is a long time to keep tolerating this place. I wasn't designed for this area, especially the metro.


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