Sick of this Hell

As anyone reading this blog knows, I hate — despise completely — Minneapolis.

I am in constant pain this winter. My left shoulder feels like it is being ripped from its socket. My entire back hurts, especially my lower back. My hips, knees, and ankles constantly pop. My hands tingle, like ants are crawling over them… plus they sting constantly.

Then there are the two, three or four times a day that my nose bleeds. I use Vaseline, ointments, and we boil water on the stove. Still, my nose bleeds, usually followed by a severe headache.

I am taking Ultram twice a day once again. I take painkillers at night, whatever we have in the drawer. I think it is a Tylenol PM of some sort. I have no idea how well these things mix. I should probably research what is and is not safe with Ultram and Neurontin.

Then, you have the dirt and grime of snow turning to slush. It is disgustingly dirty here. I get dirt on my clothes constantly. My shoes get wet and they get stained from the salt / chemicals on the sidewalks. I walk cautiously, always afraid of falling (again) and breaking bones (again) or twisting an ankle (again).

I want to leave the muck, the pain, and the general sense of claustrophobia I have in Minneapolis.

Twenty-eight months to go — at worst. Actually, few things could be worse.


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