Vision and Pain

I had eye surgery October 1 and am still recovering. It is also likely that I will have another surgery, but hopefully that will wait until after I take my Ph.D exams.

When the surgeon said the surgery and recovery would be "extremely painful" at least he told the truth. The eye hurts more than anything I can recall. How bad is it? I passed out from the pain during my first follow-up exam. I mean gone, as in no clear memory of the moments before I slid to the floor.

I'll write a lot more about this, probably in my personal notes. A simple exam turned into an all-day medical misadventure. Plus, they cut one of my favorite polo shirts on the way to the emergency room. I liked it because it was a cream-beige shirt that worked well with black and blue jeans.

My vision has been giving me headaches for a year, now. The surgery was to repair something called a "dot dystrophy" possibly caused by arthritis or a similar condition. So, now I need to plan visits to a rheumatologist (?) and a neurology clinic. Nothing like another year or two of medical experts.

I wanted to explain why I'm not writing much -- not that many people read my thoughts. I'm recovering, but it is like having ice picks or something in my eye. It hurts.


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