Fighting the Cold, My Body, etc.

I have been fighting the side-effects of the cold weather this winter. After being hospitalized with a low blood count, a week of nosebleeds from the dry air is the last thing I needed. Yesterday, I was late to my classroom because I had a 30-minute (seriously) nosebleed. The blood loss left me dizzy and exhausted. Then, I had several incidents today. I ended up asleep on top of the bed for nearly three hours. My body simply gave out after so much misery.

My left knee and left shoulder are very sore, too. I can't explain the knee issue, beyond slipping (but not falling) a few times on the ice. I catch myself, but it hurts. The shoulder pain is horrible. It's swollen, with a lump right near my neck. I have been told I also have a bursitis issue, which flares up in the cold weather.

My skin dries out so badly that I have tried to use more lotion and oils. The problem is that I hate the sensation of the oily skin treatments. Plus, I end up with acne. My pores apparently clog easily. What a lousy situation.

Anyway, simply recording the reasons I hate winters.

My greatest fear right now is losing so much blood I end up needing another transfusion, missing my doctoral exams. That would stink.

Oh, and my eye surgery was supposed to be scheduled for this semester and a navel hernia operation.

And people wonder why I'm not cheerful more often. Uhg.


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