Long Week, Survived.

Written Exams... Testing Sanity

I spent the entire week taking my written exams, receiving questions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With 24 hours to respond to each question, this meant I worked on exams six days straight. Immediately after completing my Monday-Tuesday exam, I had to rush to teach a writing course while also dealing with a potentially severe medical issue.

Friday morning began with nearly 90 minutes of medical nonsense, straightening out records for an upcoming surgery and some tests, right before I had to begin my last exam cycle. In other words, my focus was elsewhere until about noon when my mind seemed to click into writing mode.

Back to Routines

Now, it's back to routines. I have a paper to prepare for Computers and Writing, to be presented this summer at U.C. Davis. I have numerous Web site projects to get back on track. Plus, I have my creative writing projects. I miss having time for fun things.


  1. Hi. My name is Chris and my son has asperger's syndrome.

    I found you through your writing blog Tameri. I was looking for an article on plot and found Tameri's. It's excellent.

    I look forward to reading your blog.


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