The State Fair

My wife and I went to the Minnesota State Fair last Thursday. There were, according to the news, 179,000 people there on opening day.

I hate crowds and noise, but did okay at the fair. One reason is I knew exactly what I wanted to see, where those things were, and where the fair was least crowded. It helps to have a plan.

My priority was the animals. I love the small mammals: rabbits, hares, and other little creatures. I always loved wandering the 4H and FFA displays back in Central California, too. There's something wonderful about animals. Plus, people are busy doing other things at an urban fair, so the livestock areas are a good place to be.

I guess people here care more about the rides and food, but I think fairs should be a celebration of the farm life.

The only problems I had were in the art exhibits. The people smelled bad, which sounds funny after wandering livestock areas. Too many people here smoke. How much do you have to smoke to smell like ashtrays? Apparently smoking and art go together.

I like walking around in the areas away from the Midway and concert stands. The farm equipment, trucks, trailers, and other large things are on display far away from the main buildings -- and away from people. The old tractors, the giant trucks, and the trailers larger than many homes are fascinating. I like machinery.

My wife and I are returning to the fair later today. This time, we're going to spend time looking for great photography opportunities. We believe it should be less crowded since the opening weekend has passed.

She wants to try some of the food, too.

It is hard on her when I can't deal with a place. Nothing is more disappointing than arriving somewhere and not being able to stay. Last year, I wasn't doing well and the fair was difficult. I'm glad this year has been better.


  1. One of these days, someone is going to invent the ultimate fair food: deep fried fat!



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