Artistas Cafe in Tampa, Florida

As readers know, I have promoted or linked to products or services only a few times. If I wouldn't use, purchase, or support something, it isn't going to be on this website. And when I do disagree with a product or book, I don't hesitate to state so. 

When I received the following note, I wasn't sure if I'd view this merely as a promotion for the car dealership or if it was something more. Of course, something can be both a good idea socially and commercially. This might be one of those instances:
Hi Dr. Wyatt,

I stumbled upon your blog and think you'd be very interested in a doc style project I recently worked on. The Mercedes Benz Tampa dealership currently houses a cafe that is completely staffed by individuals diagnosed with Autism. Artistas Cafe provides a place that allows these baristas constant human interaction that they might typically shy away from, while also breaking down stereotypes and misguided assumptions others might hold.

I invite you to watch the spot, and share with your subscribers.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Binta Jalloh
It seems to be a genuinely good thing and smart business.

If you know of a business reaching out and teaching life skills, let us know. Parents and support providers want to know these success stories.


  1. Yes, Art for Autism is the very reputable charity behind the cafe shop and it is doing amazing work with young adults struggling with ASD. Vicky Westra is the mom behind all of this and is expanding hopefully across the country. Her training is also expanding to other businesses. Any support is welcome.
    Also, a woman documentary filmmaker has created a trailer showing how some kids are showing great results on


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