Follow-up Post: Any To-Do List Progress?

In an earlier post, I listed some of the goals for my weekend. Now, I offer the reality check.

My goals for this weekend included:

  • Finish unpacking our music collection. (No)
  • Verify technical books are in my database. (Yes)
  • Compose three to five blog posts. (Yes)
  • Edit a client project. (Slow progress, incomplete)
  • Update at least one Web page. (Some progress)
  • Work on my two research projects. (Very little progress)

The music collection wasn't a priority. I didn't manage to put any discs onto the shelves. It is a task I need to get done, since we need the CDs off the floor, but for now it will be a task I do when I need a break from the computer screens.

Verifying my inventory of tech books was important because I'm starting to program again. I can't always remember which books I own, especially since there are new editions of tech books almost annually. Actually, we have so many books on so many topics, I am updating my database to include most of the books we own on some topics. My wife has a database of her books, too; we need to cross-reference our lists. Admittedly, I have purchased two used copies of the same book at least once that I can recall. One of my goals is to keep better track of what I have read and what my opinions were of the books.

At least three blog posts are stored as drafts. I have another dozen started. I will try to have a total of five ready for release this week. For a few years now, my goal has been one post per week to each of five blogs. We've added a "fun" blog recently, but that doesn't need a schedule. The good news is, this post counts!

Editing a screenplay for a client is taking more time than anticipated. I made some silly typographical errors, which I need to correct. I also made some formatting and stylistic errors. The editing is incomplete, as of Sunday afternoon, but I plan to be working on the edits tonight. Still, it will be incomplete.

The Web page I hoped to complete this weekend became a team project. It is a bibliography, which we are linking to Amazon so readers can buy copies of the books we have consulted. I ended up passing the text files to my wife and she is going to add the Amazon code. She's much faster at the "copy-paste" routine than I am — and she makes fewer mistakes alphabetizing books!

Finally, the two research projects received only a few minutes of my time. That's okay, but I want to get the projects organized and ready for outlining. I hope to have the article and the book chapter outlined by the end of this month.

Not Listed, But Done

Fixed a website issue. I did get some work done on a website I administer for a non-profit organization, but it wasn't the client project I must complete. The website issues always fascinate me, so it was easy to focus and find the problems.

Made backups of my teaching data. Since I am not teaching this semester, it was a chance to do what I normally do each summer: archive the data and organize the files on my laptop. I'll finish the housecleaning in spare moments.


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