Our Quiet Life

A recent comment on the blog noted how fortunate I am to have my best friend as my wife. We spend a lot of time together, which isn't easy for some couples. My wife and I work from home most of the time, so we have lunch together and we take turns tending to our cats' needs. For days at a stretch, we might be the only other people we see face-to-face.

My wife is an introvert. She likes to sit on the couch by the fireplace, a cat in her lap while she reads a book. During the summer, she wants to tend a garden and take photos of the parks we visit.

The reason we live well together is that neither of us has a compulsion to visit large, crowded cities or places. We are both content to live in a semi-rural area that meets our basic needs. There are some good restaurants, easy access to shopping, and several nice parks.

I tend to need out of the house more often than my wife, but my destinations are simple: bookstores, parks, and a few favorite restaurants. She indulges my restaurant breaks, eating out more often than we should, but that might be the one extravagance of our lives — and even the restaurants we like are in the "casual dining" category with few meals over $40 for two people.

We like to read, do some basic crafts, and read some more. If there is anything we could use, it would be more bookcases for our books.

The calm, quiet existence we share is ideal for me. It works well for both of us.


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