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I just stumbled upon your blog today as I was seeking out feedback from other people regarding residential support programs for my 21 year old HFA son. He desperately needs, wants, and deserves the opportunity to live a more mainstream life — he has isolated himself from the world and I know he's unhappy and frustrated. Unfortunately, my finances are such that I cannot afford to take risks and the fees I'm finding to be prohibitive. Any insight you could offer would be greatly appreciated. We are in the DC suburbs.
Does anyone have any thoughts? I don't know much about residential programs, other than what parents and individuals have told me. The programs are expensive — and no two programs are the same.

I have recommended college residential programs. The programs were $30,000 or more per year and they work well for only some students. That's a lot of money to risk on the hope that a program helps an autistic person gain the life skills necessary to live independently.

There are no easy answers for parents and caregivers. Still, ideas might help.


  1. Thank you for your feedback. I just found today a program called Beyond Academics located at UNC Greensboro. It seems to be largely funded by grants but I can't get a firm grip from the online information how much beyond tuition it costs. Do you by chance know anything about it?


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