Autism Book Revision Coming: Spectrum of Relationships 1.5

By mid-September there will be an update to A Spectrum of Relationships on Amazon. This will be a minor, and free, update to the text for Amazon Kindle readers. If you own the book, you will need to manually update the file, however.

I don't like knowing there are errors in the ePub editions of the book. Susan and I are making several passes through the text to make sure it complies with AP Style and does not contain grammar or mechanical errors. In at least one instance, the "error" was not an error, but a misunderstanding of my word choice. I wrote that friends "complement" us, meaning they complete our identities and offer us a chance to be more. That is not an error, since I didn't not mean that friends "compliment" us — though I suppose they do praise us, at times.

I'm uncertain if the Nook store on BN allows a similar update policy, but we hope to replace the book there, as well. I don't like the idea of charging owners of a book for a minor revision.

During the coming months, I also hope to expand the book for a new second edition. Again, since there isn't an ISBN issue with ePubs, I hope to make the second edition free to current owners. I feel that's the right policy for a textbook. The price of the second edition will be higher than the current $0.99, to offset the time and energy required to update the work properly.

I am working with Heather Conroy of HConroy Consulting [] on several projects. We don't know if Heather will have time to help revise A Spectrum of Relationships, but she is co-authoring several other important guides for autistics and the people in their lives.

If you would like to propose questions or topics for our guides on intimate relationships, success in college, or success in the workplace, please let me know. We want these guides to be practical, with material that can be applied to daily life.

Thank you for supporting this blog and the other projects. If you would like Heather or me (or both of us) to speak to a group about relationships, education, or workplace issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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