Simple Games Relax the Mind

Solebon [] was the best solitaire game for the Palm OS. When I migrated to an iPod Touch, I was thrilled when Solebon was ported to my new PDA platform. Now, with Solebon on my iPhone and iPad, I play several games a day. My favorites remain the traditional Klondike games (deal one or three) and Free Cell. Think back to Windows 3 and classic "Burning Monkey" solitaire on the old Mac System 7, and that's about all the complexity I want in a game.

I also play Columns, Collapse, Tetris, Lemmings, Supaplex, and Pipe Dream to relax. I like the simple puzzle games that I can start and stop. Sure, there are nights for chess and maybe Scrabble, but for the most part I like quick, five-minute breaks from the routine. Puzzle games clear my head so I can get back to work. The breaks help.

The appeal of realistic first-person games escapes me. I would rather play Pac-Man any day.

Anyone else enjoy the classic games as a way to relax? I'd like to imagine Tetris is being played somewhere, by someone, every minute of the day.


  1. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did. Although not generally very big on games as means for keeping the mind in tune, I do fancy certain word puzzles and Sudoku. The latter is more of a 'find the numbers' calisthenic that can be done while maybe listening to something stimulating.... I too am an adult with [the characteristics of] autism - somewhat highly functioning. And yet an amateur, I also have a blog where I attempt to connect to greater reality. You appear to do it quite well! I appreciate it.


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