Whatever Happened to Book 2.0?

I was recently asked whatever happened to my planned update to Spectrum of Relationships. The simple answer: I have been distracted by more interesting (to me) things and didn't really push to get the book updated.

I'm not nearly as involved in autism advocacy in Pennsylvania as I was in Minnesota. I don't speak to groups, I'm not connected to any schools or service providers, and I don't receive the same volume of questions. The lack of engagement means I don't feel the same need to gather my thoughts for autistics, their families, and care providers.

There are plenty of books on autism. Maybe there are too many. Yes, my book should be updated, and it might happen someday, but other projects that offered more feedback captured my attention and energies.

The first edition was (is) mediocre. I know it needs to be better. But, without much feedback, I don't perceive the demand for a new edition.

Maybe I'll get back to work on the book this fall. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. Without questions, I am at a loss as to what more I should add to the topic of autism and relationships.
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