ASDs, Anger, Violence... Advocacy

I am faced with conflicting impulses: positive advocacy vs. negative reality.

Like many advocates, I wish to remind people that most autistics are not violent, bullies, or any more "risky" than other people in classrooms or workplaces. If anything, people with special needs are more likely to be bullied and to be victims of violence in various forms, from verbal abuse to physical abuse.

But, I have met students (and adults) who engage in self-harm, have violent outbursts, and are a genuine risk to others.

When you see a young person throw things, pull hair, scratch skin, and scream, it is impossible to deny that some small number of autistic individuals need some sort of cautious, caring, protection from their own actions.

The problem is, I'm not sure how to balance the need to protect with the message I wish to promote as an advocate.


  1. You must figure out a way because it is that important. I am certain that you will.


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