Surviving An Overloaded Schedule

As readers know, blogging frequency varies with live events and schedules. This semester, my schedule allows little time for blogging — or even taking much needed breaks to recharge my body and mind.

The list of activities remains long, as always. I've mentioned my to-do list many times on this blog and the list never seems to shorten.

Don't misunderstand: I love teaching and the opportunity to teach extra courses enables my wife and me to pay down some debts and create a little safety net. But, an overload means no time for blogging, creative writing, gardening, or other hobbies. Forget projects I've long wanted to complete.

For any teacher, three or more hours of lecturing and office hours without a break would be exhausting. It is draining to "perform" for 90 students, 30 per class, three days a week (MWF). The classes have personalities, too, which are difficult for me to interpret and address some days. The other two days, I teach one 80-minute class, immediately after office hours.

There are other jobs equally social in nature, and as draining. I'd never want to be a doctor, going from interaction to interaction all day, every day. Sales? No thank you. I cannot imagine walking a sales floor for eight hours a day. Forget call centers or anything else social, too.

I want a break from reading people and trying to align with their communication styles.

When I am not teaching, I'm trying to prepare for teaching, while recovering from the social demands.

After this semester, I'm sure things will be easier. I'll have a much better set of lecture notes, a better schedule, and more confidence.

Forgive the low-frequency of blog posts and know that it is because life is relatively good and the job is going well.


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