MFA Film Project - The End is Near

Cinemeccanica movie projector from circa 1950 ...
Cinemeccanica movie projector from circa 1950 in small cinema of folklore and arts union. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Since January 2016, I have been working towards my MFA in Film and Digital Technology. During these 18 months, I have had a number of medical issues, yet I did complete my coursework on time despite hospital visits, surgeries, and other minor disasters, including a car accident that totaled our beloved Jeep Cherokee.

What I don’t blog about, for many reasons, is that my wife and I are also foster parents. I won’t write much about that, but want people to understand that not only am I “the autistic me” trying to do my best to obtain job skills, I am also a parent with special needs children who are worth every minute they require for special services and our love.

My studies, teaching, our medical adventures, the children… it all adds up and has made completing the MFA film project a race against the clock. It also is going to require more funds than I had anticipated.

If you read and appreciate this blog and consider my efforts worthwhile, you may donate to my film project via the following link: 

A film is not like my previous academic work. It is not a book report, a literature review, a study of existing materials. A film requires computer hardware, software, and a lot of camera gear. I have spend $15,000 on materials to make my projects during the last 18 months and now I might have to spend another $5,000 to $10,000 dollars to earn the MFA.

Remaining an active voice for all people, fighting academia’s curious intolerances for all who are different — despite claims to the contrary — is an important and valuable pursuit. I do not regret the time and money we have invested. Nothing scares me more than falling short of the MFA goal after completing everything except the final film.

Most of my readers are no more secure than my family is. I know that. And I cannot repay all the kindnesses that people have extended during my graduate studies. My only repayment would be to speak loudly and move on towards creating audio and video content to amplify my voice and the voices of others marginalized by society.

Thank you for supporting this blog. That people read what I post here means more to me than I can express.


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