Jennifer Jordan of Unabridged Press

Unabridged Press is changing media for good (double meaning intended), expanding and elevating digital media, first, and primarily by creating high-quality audio podcasts about topics, people, and places previously underrepresented. A respect for the environment, investors, work partners, and society will be woven into the company’s work, our purchasing, and beyond. The organization is a for-profit LLC formed with public benefit principles in March 2015. Unabridged Press projects are fiscally sponsored by the nonprofit New Sun Rising. We welcome your support through their website. By clicking here, you’ll be redirected to their secure site. Larger sponsorships or donations are also welcome. To request a sponsorship package information packet, please contact Jennifer Szweda Jordan at 412-200-2017 or

Jennifer Szweda Jordan (Twitter: @Jeniferpossible) has worked previously editing and writing for The Associated Press, radio freelancing for NPR, hosting and editing a regional public news program The Allegheny Front, and for newspapers.



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