George Bailey on Sleep and zPods

George Bailey is a father of five children, two of whom are autistic. He and his wife are also Neurodiverse; George has ADHD and his wife is a self-diagnosed autistic.

He earned a Juris Doctor from Washington University in St. Louis, a master of arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and a bachelor’s degree in Chinese from Brigham Young University. George is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, German, and Danish.

I was curious about his title “President Sleep Talker” of zPods. In that role, he promotes the importance of sleep and discusses the potential benefits of zPods, sensory-friendly beds for high-energy children, including those with autism.

George mentions several books during the conversation. Here are some of the titles he considers valuable resources:

  • Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker []
  • The Sleep Solution, by W. Chris Winter []
  • Sleep Smarter, by Shawn Stevenson []

George and I avoided making this episode all about zPods, which was important to me. We enjoyed chatting about parenting, Neurodiversity, and our shared interest in entrepreneurship.

Check out this episode!


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