Moving and Lost Works

We are in the process of moving, which is overwhelming for most people. In my case, it's physically and emotionally debilitating this week. I am exhausted just thinking about all the productivity lost during the last year... and now I will lose at least another year. Worse, I know this move is temporary because I would never settle here — meaning I'll lose productive time again in a few short years.

When we moved from California to Minnesota, I had carefully arranged a dozen or so projects I wanted to complete in the coming months. Those projects are still in boxes and in disarray. Most were plays and short stories. There are a few computer projects, and several Web site updates. These are all sitting in boxes, frustrating me.

I need a better system. I have a portable file box labeled "Current Project" but not every current project is in the box. It's maddening. I need order!

Time lost to panic, to organizing, and to yet more panic is time lost forever. It doesn't come back.

I just want my office in one place, nicely organized, so I can work on my writing and programming ideas without interruption. I need that to keep some semblance of order and balance in my life.


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