Why I Hate Politics

I don't like lies, factual omissions, data manipulation, et cetera. I like honesty. Tell me the truth, and even if I disagree with your conclusions I will respect you.

I have been told I am "black and white" when it comes to data. I certainly hope so. Shades of grey don't make sense when presenting factual information.

So, I dislike most political years. The candidates and their supporters, especially their surrogates, prove to me every two years that honesty and politics don't intersect often enough.

Differences of opinion, I could tolerate. Differences in facts? Sorry, but that just doesn't compute. I don't believe in "social construction" of facts, and the truth is a real thing to me, which is why many of my courses have been problematic. Identity and opinions are social constructions. Opinions exist on which economic policies are best. But the earth goes around the sun, the mood goes around the earth, and the tides can be computed.

The labels we use for things and people? Constructed, as all words are. These are often "opinions" because people don't stick to definitions very well. I wish they did.

Just give me facts, honest opinions, and let me either vote or not vote. Stop trying playing with facts. Instead, everyone seems to think you need to lie, omit, twist, manipulate...

I'm not excusing one party, or one leader. They're all stuck in high school debate. Actually, I think high school debating is more honest, even when you have to take a position with which you disagree (in the name of "practice"). Come to think of it, a bit of ethics would be nice, even when we teach debate skills. Debate should be more than technique.

No wonder I'm cynical.

I'm told "black and white" is common among individuals with ASDs. Maybe our leaders should come from a community that favors honesty, directness, and concrete language. Sure, they might disagree, but the facts would be what they are.


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