Another Medical Moment

Monday I have yet another (not so exciting) medical procedure. Yet, it isn't the medical procedure I am about to have that annoys me. No, what is annoying me are my eyes.

While I'm about to have some internal issues checked and verified, it is the pain of my eyes that distracts me each morning. I have strange, curling eyelashes over my left eye which keep getting lodged under the eyelids. I then have to flush the eye with sterile cleaner. My right eye just hurts. A lot. it is the familiar pain of the "erosions" I have had for the last year or so. The eye tears, as in rips, not drips, causing excruciating pain and sensitivity to light.

I'm already "hypersensitive" to the world around me. Having my eyes hurt like they have been makes sunlight unbearable. Even though internal issues can be serious, there are few things that hurt as much as a scraping sensation in your eyes.

In general, I see doctors too often. As a result, I'm not exactly ready to call the eye surgeon to have the obvious said. The erosions are just painful. There's not much else to do but let them heal and have my vision checked annually. Oddly enough, I see with near 20/20 vision. Ironic, since the eyes hurt so much.


  1. That sounds painful. At least you're taking care of it. I wonder if there's anything else to do about it.

    Hope you feel better soon.


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