The Occasional Gathering

While I do write about some issues, this blog was started mainly because I would misplace notes to myself. I could shift to Google Docs or another online setting, but some people do seem to find the posts useful or interesting. I don't go out of my way to be an activist or to promote events. I simply write what I think I might use later, thought for self-reflection.

I was recently asked why I "don't care more" about various causes. Why don't I attend various meetings and support groups? After all, the logic went, I should be active in organizations because they fight for my rights and promote social justice, etc., etc., etc.

Honestly, I'm not that interested. Maybe I should be, but I don't like the negativity, the complaining, and the unhappiness at most meetings -- or on many online sites.

I do not define myself by any particular limits. I don't dwell on the negative. I write complaints, deal with what I can, and move ahead. If I'm around negativity, it's almost contagious. I'd rather not "catch" the negative vibes of other people. I'd rather do things that are fun and relaxing with my spare time.

Sure, some people get something from gatherings and groups. I tend to get... depressed. It's better for me to do other things.

If you do enjoy getting involved in particular causes, that's good. I don't think groups are wrong for everyone. They just aren't right for me.

I don't mind speaking to groups, answering questions, and doing some things to volunteer with events. What I don't want to do is let myself be defined by a label and its associated "radical" elements.

When people ask, I can't easily explain why, but I just don't think about my physical or intellectual differences very often. Not that important to me. What matters to me are things I enjoy doing: writing, music, gardening, hiking, and more. I define myself by what I enjoy, not what I overcome.


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