My Language Habits

An acquaintance noted, "I never hear you swear."

Probably accurate. I seldom use harsh language, finding it generally pointless. Generally, I also find it offensive. Some people I find quite funny do (or did) use such language, but I'm not on stage performing like George Carlin or Denis Leary.

Language should be as precise and clear as possible. Clarity does not require any of Carlin's famous words.

The same acquaintance observed that I seem far too serious.

So the lesson for the week is that people expect others to be profane and funny? No wonder I like sitting at home with the cats. They are easier to entertain and don't mind that I'm quiet.

Part of me wishes humans could be entertained with laser pointers and catnip mice on strings.


  1. I'm not sure that I agree with you. My family, which includes my husband and I, do not like profanity. I like to think that we're sticks in the mud. I don't like it.

    I remember watching about 5 minutes of Goodfellas and my husband and I just turned it off. Forget it.

    I'm not sure I need the solitude that you crave but I understand it, a little. I need quiet time too.

  2. I never think to use profanity, it only comes out when I hurt myself. I too wish people were as easy to entertain as cats. Then again I also wish there was a such thing as people food that came in a bag and had the full nutrition we needed so I wouldn't have to think about cooking or grocery shopping...


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