Facebook Group

I have created a Facebook Group for The Autistic Me:

The Autistic Me Fan Page

There is also a page for Autism Bloggers on Facebook:

Autism Bloggers Group

Several great autism blogs have Facebook pages. I encourage you to search for these and follow the status updates.


  1. I don't do Facebook, as I've heard of a lot of complaints about their privacy and security practices, but thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll.

  2. I've lost track of which companies own other companies in the last few years, much less which companies share data to make things "better" for users. I know Facebook is considering several deals with major sites. Already, I have to use Facebook to participate in several online forums that use "Facebook Connect." It's a trade-off, I realize.

    LiveJournal was a good community site, but now that its owned by a Russian firm I do wonder what they will do with the data. Brave new world…


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