eBook Status, Busy Week Ahead

The free version of A Spectrum of Relationships is being edited this weekend and should be online no later than mid-week. The free edition will be abridged due to the restrictions of various online bookstores. The free edition will cover interpersonal relationships from strangers to friends; only issues of dating, sexuality, and long-term relationships will be missing from this release. Okay, those are big topics. After reading the free abridged edition you will be able to decide if you want to read more or not.

The full-length first edition will be available after two to three months, at worst. During that time, we will be fine-tuning the eBook design and making any necessary updates based on reader feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions relating to autism and relationships, please let me know. I want the full edition of the text to be as useful as possible.

This week I am making a quick round-trip to the East Coast. I also have a presentation next week and some other duties that will take time from writing. This might mean fewer updates to The Autistic Me.


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