Strangers in Our House

I've taken three cats for rides in the Jeep twice this week while people have toured our house. I hate the idea people are in our house, so I was nominated to take the kids for these trips to the park. Like the cats, I'm not happy about this. Unlike the cats, I at least know the reason we have to leave the house is to help us move to a larger house.

Rearranging our possessions bothers me. I like things where I like them. So, after I return from these short drives, I try to restore my sense of order as best I can, while knowing some things need to be packed and hidden.

My wife did the house hunting for the new home. She's dealing with strangers in our house. I hate both processes, so it is best that she handled these tasks. I'd want to clean the homes as I toured them. When we looked at homes before moving into our current residence, I hated seeing how little people care for their homes. I like things clean and maintained.

The idea people have walked through our house bothers me. I wish the house could be perfect before letting others see it.

When we move, I plan to remodel the entire house and yard. New everything, over a few years. It is a need to have things my way, certainly, but also a need to feel like the "previously occupied" house is a new house for us. As we start work on the new house, I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories of frustration.

This move is it for us. I'm going to do all I can to be the best at my new job. I will also do all I can as a freelance writer. Ideally, I earn enough additional income from writing that we can do wonders with the new house.


  1. Best of luck with the move! Hope i's as smooth as it can be.


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