Weather and Me

Yesterday, it was in the low 90s in Minnesota. Today, it is over 100F. That's a huge change from three weeks ago when we saw snow flurries in the air.

I am not a cold weather person. Cold weather means clothing I hate: itch-inducing layers, gloves, thick socks, knit caps, and so on. I've written several times about hating winter wear, and my annual frostbite / frost "nip" experiences resulting from my distaste for some of the clothes.

I'm also not a huge fan of blistering heat. I'm comfortable from the low 50s into the mid 80s. There's no way to dislike a nice, partly cloudy 72F day with flowers in bloom. That's perfection, especially if you get to sit outside and relax.

Still, if I have to choose between sub-zero temperatures and the 110F summers of my youth, I'd opt for the heat — air conditioning is a great thing. The cold causes cracked skin, sore joints, and ice patches I find without any effort. Summer heat can at least be dealt with: fans, air conditioning, iced tea, and fewer clothes. No icy patches!

Summer means shorts, t-shirts, and tennis socks (low-cut ankle cuffs). Summer means sweet sun tea. Summer also means flowers, and I love flowers.

Winter in California was nearly perfect, since it seldom drops below 40F during the day. Summer in Minnesota is the opposite: the summers are nearly perfect. No wonder people "winter" in the Southwest and return to the Midwest in summer.

Summer in Minnesota might be the one season I miss. It's short, like a Central California winter, but it is beautiful.


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