Dealing with Loss

J.C. Kitty passed away this morning, August 18, 2011. I'll write about him in a day or two. This is a very difficult loss, due to his personality and coming shy of a year after the loss of Jordan. J.C. and Jordan were the two most affectionate and playful cats with whom we've shared our lives.

Animals have personalities, and J.C.'s was special. He was 16 years old and will be missed.

I miss Jordan almost every day. Our feline kids are family. They have each added to our lives in their own way. Fido, Simba, Jordan, J.C., and many others over the years. Cats and dogs, all of them good friends.


  1. Sorry to hear of this. My kitties are family, too.

  2. Yes, I get it too. Mine's been gone for six years now but he was family. I'm sorry for your loss.


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