Moving Stinks, Ask Our Cats

I wouldn't claim that the move to another state has gone smoothly for me or my wife, but it seems to have truly upset the cats more. We worried about that possibility before the move because Pumpkin and Muttley are anxious felines with stressed-out personalities. Pumpkin Kitty (aka PK) is on Prozac and the vet suggested Xanax today. He's not eating well, hiding, and hasn't been in my lap once since the move.

Muttley ate tonight, which was nice, but he still wanders about screaming at the top of his little lungs. He used to cry in the old house, too, especially after Momma went to work each morning. He would be anxious around 4 p.m. when she was due home within the hour. Now, he cries and she doesn't arrive.

J.C. was diagnosed with cancer the day Momma had to return to her job in another state. He had surgery the next day and seems to be doing well, all things considered. He is eating a little and drinking water. I'm sure his tough time isn't helping PK or Muttley. J.C. smells a little different after the surgery, which the vet says is normal because he isn't eating as much or drinking enough water. By next week, J.C. might be closer to normal.

Our kids are more important to me than any of the house issues — and there have been several serious issues during this move. We have some issues that are significant, but a house is not our kids. A house can be repaired, minor things fixed over time, and any paperwork issues are easy enough to address in time. I don't care as much about the house as I do our feline family members.

My work is suffering because I worry about the cats. I can't focus right now on my new job or any current projects. That's starting to worry me with deadlines approaching.

Momma will be here this weekend. I'm hoping that helps the kids reset so they can be calm for a few days.

I really miss my wife, too. She keeps the cats and me calmer.


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