Upcoming iBook Plans

I'm revising my eBook, A Spectrum of Relationships, and plan to release this major update exclusively in the iBook format. I'm trying to decide what is or isn't worth adding to the book beyond more text. The format is going to allow me to include additional features, if I decide to do so.

As for the text, I'm going to expand the workplace section as I try to develop rules and guidelines based on my experiences. Parents, educators, and young people with ASDs have asked me many questions about the workplace — though I'm not sure I have any great answers on the topic. Maybe it helps to know we have some shared experiences as we navigate into the "real world" and work.

Other sections need to be expanded, as well. I rushed through the sections on dating and relationships because those are the least comfortable topics. I am glad I don't need to date, having a wonderful wife, and marriage is difficult for everyone. I'll still expand the text as much as I can. My wife can attest that I'm not easy to live with, so I'm hoping she'll give me a list of topics for the life together sections of the book.

What else should I add? What topics need to be addressed that aren't already in a dozen (or more) other books on autism and social skills? I'm always open to suggestions while I work on this project.

My goal is to release the iBook edition sometime in June because I'm off work for the month of May.


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