Spectrum of Relationships 2.0 in Progress

Last night I returned to work on A Spectrum of Relationships. The first edition is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I thank people for having purchased the book. Like most authors, though, I've never been satisfied with the text. It needs to be expanded and improved, so I have resumed revising what will be version 2.0 of the book. It won't be done for another six months or more, unfortunately.
If you have questions or suggestions that might be incorporated into the second edition, please let me know. Parents, students, educators, and caregivers have sent me some questions that will be addressed in the updated version. Of special interest to some readers were the sections on work and dating.

My university students are interested in these same topics: they want careers and families. These seem to be the two basic components of the "American Dream" — and probably the dreams of people everywhere. We want vocations that have meaning, while providing a livelihood. Most of us also want companions, with whom to share experiences and dreams. 

There are many books on autism and work. There are fewer good books on autism and romantic relationship — a topic that probably needs a series of books instead of a short chapter or two. Maybe after I complete the second edition of A Spectrum of Relationships my future projects should include specialized texts on work and romance. 


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