Water Allergy?

For the last two weeks, I have turned red and "splotchy" after washing my face. Taking a bath is worse — red dots cover my body for an hour or so. My eyes swell, as does my throat.

I'm allergic to our water. It might be a child's dream to be allergic to bathing, but I sure don't like this situation.

What in the world could be causing such a strange reaction to the local water supply? I've never liked the smell or taste of our local water, but now my body is rebelling against it.

My wife is going to try to find out what the local water district is doing differently. Maybe we'll have to install a water filtration system for the house. I'm sorry, but water shouldn't make your skin tingle and eyes swell.

Has anyone else had a reaction like this? I'm wondering if it is a reaction to chlorine or another chemical.

At least we'll conserve water as my showers get shorter to spare me the rash-like splotches.


  1. I dated a farm boy who's sister could not have town water at all. Didn't matter how long it sat, filtered etc... she was severely allergic to the chlorine.

    My eldest had trouble when he went to daycare when he was 3. Took a bit but then I did the "duh" thing and brought bottled water for him to drink.

    Both had stomach upset, not rashes. So it could be something else. Have you changed bath products lately? New smells etc.

  2. Good day C.S. Wyatt. Maybe (for the sake of experiment and a solution) you could try showering cooler. It might be that you don't feel the heat of the water while the water actually is too hot for your skin (at this moment of the year or in this period of your life).


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