Muttley Kitty

Mutt, aka Muttley Kitty, Muttles, Muttford, and Twitchy, passed away on Thursday, August 8, 2013, at 9:45 a.m., after a long battle with cancer, lifelong heart issues, and age. Born May 1, 1995, Mutt was 18 years, three months old.

July 1995, with Mutt (front), J.C. playing with Alex, and Mimi Kitty keeping on eye on her adopted boys:

Mutt was just amazing. He was our little engineer, able to find his way to high spots and to open cupboard doors.

Before leaving California: Mutt, with J.C. Kitty on Mom's bed:

May, 2013, on our new bed frame, in the new house, looking pretty handsome for a kitty just turned 18:

Mutt wasn't doing well for most of 2013, but he had these few hours each week when he was still alert and the same old Muttley we always loved. We had to help him onto the bed, because even the step we bought for him became difficult to navigate. He really needed rails.

June, 2013: Sleeping next to his buddy, Misty Kitty:

Misty Kitty adored Mutt and would "guide" him, kneed him, and try to give him baths. She would curl up next to us while we fed Mutt by hand. She watched over him the last few weeks.


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