Plans for Book Update: Spectrum of Relationship

Since I first uploaded the ePub for A Spectrum of Relationships in 2011, several thousand copies have been purchased. Yet, there are only two reviews, and one mentions grammar errors that my wife and I cannot locate, despite rereading the text multiple times. I realize that few people review books, and even fewer offer valuable suggestions, but I do wonder why so few readers respond to the book. Only a handful of people have written to me about the book, and most of those emails are short "Thank you" notes without suggestions or ideas.

Not that I don't like a thank you, but I want to improve the book. The text should inform, entertain, and lead to more ideas. Some writers might prefer a lack of engagement with readers, but I want to learn from readers and offer them something better with each revision to a text.

If you have purchased A Spectrum of Relationships, let me know your impressions:
  • What did you like about the book, and how could I do "more" of what you liked?
  • What was missing from the book, and how could I add that content?
  • What could make the book better, in general?
  • Are there questions I don't answer or topics I fail to address?
If you own a copy via Amazon, new revisions upload to your Kindle or Kindle app for free. That means the book gets better and better, thanks to my readers. But only if readers let me know what needs to improve and why.

There is an update planned for 2014, which should be free again to owners of the text. I'm working with an autism support specialist to include more "how-to" information for a wider audience.

A Spectrum of Relationships is only $0.99. It isn't a masterpiece, but I intend to make it as good as I can. I want the book to be a "conversation" with my blog readers and buyers of the text.
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