Life is Busy, and That is Good

It is possible that all two or three of my regular followers have noticed the relative inactivity of this blog. Though I have tried to consider if there's anything of value to share, the simple fact is that nothing is compelling me to write about autism, autistic culture, autism causes, or anything of the sort at the moment.

In a week or two, I'll have a real post about autism activism and a new role I am assuming, but I want to wait until things are a bit more formalized. As readers know, I'm not as outspoken or passionate about some issues as other autism activists, preferring to work quietly on issues of training and support for autistics.

Our lives here have been busy, and when I am busy I do let the blogging slip. This is especially true when life is busy in a good way and I don't have a need to complain, gripe, or criticize the world around me. Quite simply, life is busy in a good way.

Okay, good in all ways except for a cold I also gave to my wife.

The cats are healthy, we're alive and well, teaching is going well, my creative writing is going well, and the snow is melting outside.

What this all leads me to is something basic in life: when you are busy in a good way, any challenges and problems in life don't vanish, but they become far less important.

Being busy has helped me get over the loss of my grandfather. It has helped me dwell a bit less on the loss of a beloved cat, the third we've lost to old age since moving two years ago. It has helped me dwell slightly less on the job I left, because I love my new job so much. It has helped me not spend quite so much time on some other matters, too.

Being busy reduces how much I annoy my wife. It means I don't mope around the house, feeling like I am not accomplishing enough. Right now, I'm rather certain I have accomplished something good as a creative writer.

And so, I want readers to know that keeping busy might be the best possible way to deal with life. When you are doing things, you aren't living in the past or worrying about the future. You have to be in the moment, to do things well. I'm glad I am busy, though I'm sorry it means I'm not blogging much.

More details on all the busy-ness in coming weeks.
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